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POSITION SUMMARY: The General Surgeon shall provide services to authorized beneficiaries of any age per AR 40-3, AR40-50 1, and in accordance with established principles, practices and standards of the Joint Commission, and the Army Medical Department. The provider shall perform all tasks in this contract independently. The provider shall perform chart reviews and attend medical staff meetings as part of the normal workday. The provider shall treat a minimum of 18 patients per day. May consist of pre-surgery, post-surgery, scheduled surgeries, etc.
DUTIES: The duties for the General Surgeon are as follows:
The surgeon shall provide initial emergency medical care required to any civilian, military, or military beneficiary requiring it in life-threatening situations. Patients shall be transferred to the appropriate military or civilian hospital when the attending physician determines that the patient is stable enough to make the trip.
The surgeon shall interview patients, diagnose illnesses, prescribe treatments and medicine, perform minor surgery, and refer patients to military or civilian hospitals for more complex medical problems. The surgeon shall provide comprehensive and continuing health and medical care services e.g. diagnosis, prevention, therapy, maintenance and rehabilitation. The surgeon shall manage the health care needs of patients with serious illnesses through consultation or direct referral to specialty physicians. The surgeon shall perform only those inpatient and outpatient services for which privileges have been granted by the GLWACH credentials committee.
The surgeon shall take patient history and perform medical surveillance physicals on appointed military and Department of Army Civilians following sick call. The surgeon shall request lab tests, x-rays, consultations and procedures as considered appropriate. The surgeon shall study health records and evaluate the significance of total clinical evidence. The surgeon shall read and abide by AR 40-3 Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Care, AR 40-66Medical Record and Quality Assurance Administration, HSC 40-5 Ambulatory Patient Care.
The surgeon shall make periodic follow-up examinations of patients to determine progress and reaction to treatment; review clinical evidence to detect deviation from normal disease course, and determine the patient's progress. When deemed appropriate, the surgeon shall consult with other physicians concerning the significance of symptoms and interpretations, prepare clinical reports of each examination, consultation and diagnosis, and record other pertinent data in the appropriate format. The surgeon shall maintain accurate and up-to-date medical records.
All services provided herein shall be provided by a M.D. or D.O. The physician shall be capable of performing the full range of general medical services including diagnosis and treatment of urgent/acute diseases/injuries to include but not limited to: Skin Pulmonary system, Head Gastrointestinal system, Eyes Muscular skeletal system, Ears Genitourinary system, Nose Reproductive system, Throat Lymphopoietic system, Neck Central nervous system, Cardiovascular system Endocrine system
The physician shall be capable of performing the following tasks as a minimum: Manage cardiopulmonary arrests and arrange back up for EMS, Interpret electrocardiograms, Interpret basic radiographic images, Direct medical care through radio communications, Perform arterial punctures, Interpret cardiac monitoring, Infiltration of local anesthesia, I & D of simple abscesses, Suturing of lacerations, Perform cardiac massage, Perform needle aspiration of tension pneumothorax and cardiac windows, Emergency endotracheal intubation, Emergency cardioversion, Emergency cricothyrotomy airway, Chest tube placement, Treating a minimum of 18 patients per day in clinic
The surgeon shall act as a consultant to others and may in turn be expected to request consultation when: a. the diagnosis and/or management remains in doubt over an unduly long period of time, especially in the presence of a life threatening illness, b. unexpected complications arise which are outside this level of competence, c. specialized treatments or procedures are contemplated with which they are not familiar.
The surgeon shall have training, experience and competence on a level sufficient enough to attain board certification. The surgeon shall be credentialed in conscious sedation. The surgeon shall be capable of receiving category III privileges at GLWACH, which requires ability to perform at a minimum: Appendectomy, Exploratory laparotomy, Diagnostic laparoscopy, Gastric and bowel resection, Biliary tract surgery, Colonic resections, open or laparoscopic, Lymph node dissection, Thyroidectomy, Mastectomy, total and modified, Hernia repair (inguinal, umbilical), Ligation (high) stripping of varicose veins, Wide excision and graft for malignant skin tumor, Spleen surgery, Diaphragmatic hernia, Sympathectomy, Cysts and tumors of neck, Diagnostics sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy (including biopsy), Diagnostic esophagogastroscopy (including biopsy)
Other specific privileges similar to the above in scope and complexity: Pre-operative preparation, surgical management, and post-operative care of patients of all age groups with diseases of the alimentary tract, of the head and neck, of the breast and chest, of the abdomen, of the vascular system, of the endocrine system and of the integument generally recognized as not requiring a special expertise exclusive to a surgical subspecialty such as Neurosurgery (craniotomy for cerebralneoplasm), Obstetrics (cesarean section), or Thoracic Surgery (cardiopulmonary bypass).
The following list of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities exemplifies the various areas of the specialty, but is neither inclusive or exclusive.
Endoscopy. Therapeutic and diagnostic bronchoscopy, choledochoscopy and operative and diagnostic.
Head and Neck. Biopsy, partial or complete resection of lesions of the thyroid, parathyroid, salivary glands, face, scalp, external ear, and soft tissues of the face and neck.
Chest and Vascular. Open and closed cardiac massage, pleural abrasion, closed tube thoracostomy, excision, repair or bypass of peripheral arteries, veins, or lymphatics, partial or total mastectomies, radical node dissections of neck, axilla, groin, pulmonary wedge resections, lobectomies, and pneumonectomies.
Abdomen. Repair of hernias, operations on the gastrointestinal tract, biliary tract, pancreas, spleen, adrenals, abdominal aorta and branches, rectum and anus, kidneys, ureter, bladder, uterus, tubes and ovaries. External genitalia.
Extremities. Operations on nerves, ganglia, muscles, tendons, and management of simple fractures.
Intensive Care Management. Placement and interpretation of arterial, central venous, and pulmonary artery lines, and management of fluid and electrolyte problems including hyperalimentation.
Diagnostic Procedures. Introduction of radiological contrast materials in conjunction with operative procedures or assessment of trauma.
Use of mechanical, electrocautery for the excision, coagulation, vaporization and/or repair of tissue.
EXCEPTIONS REQUIRED. The following activities are generally considered to be encompassed within a specialty, but require specific annotation.
Peripheral Vascular Surgery. Non-trauma and complex cases.
Pediatric Surgery. Non-trauma and complex cases.
Laser Privileges (optional not required). (In addition to this Delineation of Privileges, requests for laser privileges require; submission of appropriate supporting documentation of training, experience, etc.) Use of mechanical, electrocautery, and laser energy for the excision, coagulation, vaporization and/or repair of tissue.
Debulking tumors
Thoracic/abdominal surgeries
Pancreatic/liver resections
Dissection of Vascular lesions
Excision, coagulation, for the vaporization and/or repair of tissue
The HCP shall see/treat inpatients at GLWACH. The HCP shall perform safe patient care, including rounding at least daily on inpatients for which the HCP is responsible to include daily documentation in the chart. The HCP shall perform zero wrong site/wrong side procedures as doing so will cause immediate removal. The HCP shall perform zero unnecessary or costly care. Elements of this paragraph are to be met 100%.
The HCP shall write prescriptions only for medications within the scope of work of the HCP. Medications beyond the scope of work of the HCP require interaction with physicians from other clinics.
The HCPs shall be responsible for medical oversight, assistance and training to PA students, special forces members and students on rotations in the hospital. The HCP shall be required to treat patients from other provider panels.
The HCP shall complete medical records, forms and documents within time limits specified by GLWACH for the type of medical entry being made. Failure to do so in two consecutive months can result in removal of the HCP. The HCP shall check GLWACH e-mail daily since the HCP will work varying schedules and GLWACH e-mail is the official method of internal communications. The HCP shall complete entries in the automated timekeeping system (known as DMHRSi or any other title) in accordance with standards.
The HCPs shall attend all and take all training prescribed for personnel as required by GLWACH. Training shall be part of the workday.
Quality Control/Assurance. The contractor is required to follow current Quality Control/Assurance plans in place at the medical facility in the performance of this contract.
Safety. Contractor personnel shall comply with all installation safety and fire prevention regulations. Copies of these regulations are on file in the medical activity safety office or with the COR. The contractor and contractor personnel shall be cognizant of and observe all requirements for handling and storing combustible supplies and materials, and daily disposal of combustible waste, trash, etc.
GLWACH is part of the Department of Defense HMO program called Tricare and as such, the Contractor staff shall be required to adhere to all Tricare rules. Information on the Tricare program may be obtained at www.tricare.osd.mil.
Lab tests, x-rays, pharmaceuticals, referrals, etc. shall be ordered independently on the computer by the HCPs. The HCPs shall order, manage and close consults in CHCS as per MEDDAC Pam 40-9, "Referral and Preauthorization Process". If a special form (i.e. Ophthalmology) is used, then minimum clinical information is still required to be dictated and entered as the consult report.
The HCPs shall verify and close consults within 3 working days of the encounter for routine consults and within 24 hours of the encounter for urgent/emergent time frames.
Consults initiated by other services to the HCPs will be addressed the same day and closed out in AHLTA within 72 hours. Lab tests, x-rays, pharmaceuticals, referrals, etc. shall be ordered independently on the computer by the HCPs.
The HCPs shall order, manage and close consults in CHCS as per MEDDAC Pam 40-9, "Referral and Preauthorization Process". The HCP shall dictate any results to a consult. If a special form (i.e. Ophthalmology) is used, then minimum clinical information is still required to be dictated and entered as the consult report. All outpatient encounters shall be completed and signed within 72 hours. The HCPs shall use GLWACH electronic medical record for inputting and retrieval of all patient data. The HCPs shall be in ADP sensitive positions requiring compliance with AR380-19 and AR380-67 (see local clause X0001). The position requires access to Department of Defense computer systems, therefore, contract employees must be U.S. citizens or otherwise meet the requirements of AR 25-2. Shall be able to read, write, and speak English well enough to effectively communicate with all patients and other health care providers as determined by the MTF Commander or the Contracting Officers Representative (COR) and possess sufficient initiative, interpersonal relationship skills and social sensitivity such that he/she can relate constructively to a variety of patients from diverse backgrounds. HCPs shall also be required to meet Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements. The government will not reimburse for these costs. The contractor shall ensure contract HCPs receive and maintain Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) required training for the position in which they will perform. Documentation of such training shall be provided to the COR. Position requires access to Department of Defense (DoD) computer systems; therefore, all HCPs shall be a U.S. Citizen or otherwise meet the requirements of AR 25-2. HCPs shall be able to type, and have experience using computers, Microsoft programs especially. The HCP will not be required to type a certain amount of words per minute. The MTF will provide training for MTF-specific computer systems.
Education: Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.).
Residency and Board Certification: The General Surgeon shall be residency trained in general surgery and be Board Certified at all times in General Surgery by the American Board of Surgeons. NOTE: Board eligible general surgeons are not acceptable.
Life Support Certifications: Possess and maintain at all times, current certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) from the American Heart Association. Recertification shall be maintained in a current status at all times while the Heath Care Provider (HCP) is performing services under this contract. Any lapse in certification will cause immediate removal of the HCP until the certification is obtained and verified.
Experience: 1)The General Surgeon shall have a minimum of two years full time experience as a hands-on practicing full scope general surgeon in the last three years. 2) Residency time in general surgery counts as practicing experience. 3) Time spent in an administrative capacity (claims reviewer, researcher, instructor, internet physician, medical director, etc.) does not qualify as practicing time. 4) Case logs will be needed with the candidates CV. 5) The General Surgeon shall be capable of treating patients of all ages.
Licensure: 1) Possess and maintain a current unrestricted license to practice as a physician in any of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam or the U.S. Virgin Islands. 2) The general surgeon shall have and maintain a current, valid, unrestricted DEA certificate and possess a Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD) number as required by state agencies where the provider is licensed.
Must be a U.S citizen and have the ability to pass a background check/security clearance.
Duty Hours: Normal clinic hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. HCP work hours shall be determined based on the discretion of and needs of GLWACH. Shifts may be for four 10 hour shifts per week or five eight hour shifts per week. Work days may or may not be consecutive. This schedule shall be considered regular hours. There will be a 30 minute to one hour un-paid break provided if the workload permits.
Recognized Holidays: Contract HCPs will be required to work on federally recognized holidays. Any of the federal holidays falling on a Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday, holidays falling on a Sunday will be observed on the following Monday. Contract employees may be required to work on legal holidays as determined by the department chief and stated on the task order.
On Call Services, Overage/Call Back Hours:
1) The providers shall be required to provide telephonic consultations to the attending physician in emergency cases. Overage/Call Back Hours are defined as actual patient care performed in GLWACH after the scheduled shift ends and the provider must be on call that day. The contract providers are not required to remain at a place of residence while on call, but shall be available by Government furnished pager during on-call periods. The providers shall respond telephonically within 10 minutes of the page being sent and shall be prepared to provide services in GLWACH within 30 minutes of the page being sent or as soon as needed.
2) On Call Services shall be available on a rotational basis including weeknights, holidays and weekends. Overage/Call Back Hours are capped at annual maximum of 225 hours per General Surgeon.
3) The HCP shall be rested and fully physically and mentally capable for performing the duties required under this contract. The HCP shall not have worked the 8 hours before beginning services at GLWACH unless the HCP was on-call at GLWACH.
Scheduled/Unscheduled Absences: Time off shall be granted at two days per month plus any federal holidays. Time off cannot be used until earned. The days off will include vacation time, sick leave and continuing medical education (CME) purposes, training holidays, funeral leave, weddings, graduations, etc. Time off to get re-certified in BLS, ACLS, etc. during the term of the contract shall count against the 2 days off per month. Clinic or hospital closures caused by emergencies, exodus, training holidays and unexpected events shall count against the days off per month. The Government will not pay for the days off per month. Scheduled absences shall be requested 30 days in advance and are subject to approval by the division chief. The days on which services will not be required will be determined by GLWACH.
Closures and Organizational Activities: 1) During command approved facility closure (training holidays, GLWACH staff administrative leave, etc.) the contractor/HCP shall not be paid. In the event of unplanned early closure of the facility due to natural disasters, military emergency or severe weather, the contractor/HCP shall only be paid for the actual hours worked. 2) The military may designate a weekday as a Training Holiday if doing so would provide a three-day or four-day holiday weekend (e.g., Thanksgiving weekend, Friday is usually a military training holiday). 3) During training holidays for active duty personnel, civilians are encouraged to use annual leave. If not on leave, civilian employees must report to work. The same applies to contract employees. During training or excused absences, contract employees may use personal time off in accordance with the Contractors personnel policy, or report to work and may be required to work on administrative contract requirements. Workload and mission requirements will determine whether the HCP will be required to provide services on training holidays. 4) Organizational Activities. During organizational activities the clinic/facility may close for normal operations and Contractor services may not be required. The Contract employees are not authorized to participate in accordance with MEDCOM regulation 715-3, paragraph 9.n., except during authorized meal times or if a specific waiver is granted by the Commander, MEDCOM. The Government will only pay for work actually performed.
Comp-Time: Compensation time is not authorized.
Place of Performance: The work to be performed will be at General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital (GLWACH), Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.
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